1 = worker, workman [workmen, -pl.], hand, commuter, working man, attendant, working person.
Ex. At our library in Minnesota we have clearly identified material that deals with mudpies, leprechauns, senior power, red power, the Chinese New Year, prisoners' rights, and workers' control.
Ex. Visitors would laugh at the workman's jerking and whirling with the mould, but that was where the skill lay.
Ex. The clicker paid each man according to what he had set, keeping for himself a share equal to that of the most productive hand.
Ex. This town enjoys a relatively placid existence as a well-appointed dormitory for thousands of commuters to a large metropolitan area of 250,000.
Ex. As energies became directed to less abstract matters working men began to see libraries as undemocratic and inhospitable institutions.
Ex. Other libraries allow bags to be brought in but an attendant is employed to check the contents as the reader leaves the library.
Ex. What can one, middle class, working person do to help (in some small way) work towards a more peaceful world?.
* buen trabajador = hard worker.
* campamento de trabajadores = labour camp.
* campamento de trabajadores agrícolas = farm labour camp.
* descontento entre los trabajadores = industrial unrest.
* desde el punto de vista del trabajador = in the trenches.
* día de los trabajadores = Labour Day.
* día internacional de los trabajadores = Labour Day.
* malestar entre los trabajadores = industrial unrest.
* muchos jefes y pocos trabajadores = too many chiefs and not enough Indians.
* trabajador a destajo = piecework hand, piece-worker [pieceworker].
* trabajador a distancia = teleworker, telecommuter.
* trabajador a domicilio = homeworker.
* trabajador agrícola = agricultural labourer, farm labourer, farm worker.
* trabajador a tiempo parcial = part-timer.
* trabajador autónomo = freelancer [free-lancer].
* trabajador cualificado contratado de otra empresa = lateral hire.
* trabajador de campo = fieldworker [field worker].
* trabajador de fábrica = factory worker, factory hand.
* trabajador de la industria = industrial worker.
* trabajador del campo = farmworker [farm worker], agricultural labourer, farm labourer, farm worker.
* trabajador del cobre = coppersmith.
* trabajador desde casa = homeworker.
* trabajador de temporada = seasonal worker.
* trabajador de vivero = nurseryman [nurserymen, -pl.].
* trabajador doméstico = domestic worker.
* trabajador en el área de cultura = cultural worker.
* trabajador en el área de la alfabetización = literacy worker.
* trabajador en la agricultura = agricultural worker.
* trabajadores = labour [labor, -USA], work group, work-force [workforce], shop floor, labour force, working people.
* trabajadores del campo = farm labour force.
* trabajador eventual = jobber.
* trabajador externo = outworker.
* trabajador manual = manual worker.
* trabajador normal = line worker.
* trabajador por cuenta propia = freelancer [free-lancer].
* trabajador por horas = time hand [time-hand].
* trabajador por turnos = shift worker.
* trabajador sanitario = health-care worker, health worker, health care professional.
* trabajador sin titulación específica = non-professional [nonprofessional].
* trabajador social = social worker, case worker.
* vida como trabajador = working life.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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